There are plenty of casino games you can play for free on the internet, but for us that defeats the whole purpose.  On this site we’re dedicated to real money gambling, both online and in person, and we’ll show you what you can play and where you can play it.

As well as categorising and listing the games and casinos that are available on the web, we also catalogue the bonuses and promotions that are on offer. Not sure what we mean by this? Well you’re in for a treat – think lots and lots of free casino chips, massive bonuses and plenty of other goodies that you can get your hands on, just by picking the right casino.


First things first, where can you find these games? Generally speaking there are two places that you’re going to find them – online and in a real life casino.


Online Casino Laptop ConceptSince the turn of the century casinos have existed online. The early incarnations were slow and clunky and were very limited in terms of what games were on offer. But they filled a gap and satisfied the community of gamblers who were discovering the internet for the first time.

Over the years the games have become more elaborate, better designed and much slicker – in fact, you can now even play games in virtual reality, assuming you have the right kit at home.

The key element of an online casino is the random number generator (RNG) which determines which cards are drawn and where the reels stop spinning. These algorithms are regularly tested and provably fair and deliver results much faster than a hand shuffled deck.

It’s also much cheaper to run than having someone physically deal cards, which means the casinos can offer games with lower house edges and much lower stakes. Ever seen a roulette game in real life where you can bet as little as a penny? You can online.

The competition between casinos also brought with it ever increasing special offers meant to encourage new players. Many casinos will triple your initial deposit (or more) with bonus chips. You have to commit to playing at least a minimum amount with these bonuses, but after that whatever you’ve won is yours to keep.


Despite the fact that RNG generated games are perfectly fair, some people just don’t like relying on a computer. Others simply think that a solely computer based game lacks the human interaction that you get in a real casino. For these people, live dealer games were invented.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are limited to the more traditional games – roulette and blackjack being the two key examples – but don’t include slots which are limited to the RNG casinos. After all, the outcome of a physical slot machine is already generated by a random number generator. So online v in person slots are already pretty much the same thing.

For the table games that you can play the way it works is pretty simple. You are connected to a casino table through a live stream with a real dealer standing in front of you. The way you interact with the game is similar to RNG versions with stacks of chips to place your bets and buttons to hit or stand, but you can also talk to the dealer.

Live Roulette
Live Blackjack

The speed of game play is similar to that of a local casino as you have to wait for the dealer to physically dish out cards and spin wheels. Just like in a regular casino the tables sit multiple players so you will also have to wait for them to complete their turns. Because of this slower speed and increased manpower (ie: the dealer) you’ll find the minimum bets are much larger at live casinos compared to the RNG versions of the same game at the same casino.


Casino EntranceWe’re not just about online gambling either, and the team all enjoy a trip down to the casino from time to time. There’s something about the atmosphere in a land based casino that’s hard to match. Plus all the free drinks, of course!

Most of us know where our local casinos are, but outside of our normal haunts it can be tricky figuring out where to go. For that reason we’ve written a series of guides to the best brick and mortar casinos in some of the best casino cities in the world, allowing you to get straight to the action as soon as your plane lands.

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